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Born to Perform

Natural ability, a strong will, and intense determination has propelled Garciaparra forward to this point in her career. While she have achieved so much, there’s still a great deal she wants to accomplish in the world of music.


1.Performing Haunt Me at BET in ATL...

2.Haunt Me Official Video...

3.Garciaparra's Brilliance Prodigy...


Garciaparra Performing at Parks in Dallas TX.  If your in Dallas send message to find out what park near YOU !!

Vintage Records


Music Tells A Story

Garciaparra is an acclaimed Music Artist. She began singing at 7 years old, and has never stopped. Her Voice is amazing! She has performed at the cinco demayo in dallas texas. and was 1 of 5 chosen out of 500 artists based on talent to go to Atlanta for the BET Experience ... She is R&B/POP/Neo Soul Artist...

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Dallas, TX, USA


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